DNA Hunter 3
Mai is in the hotel room with her target, Kunio Sasaki, a brilliant engineer. As Mai is leaving the hotel with Sasaki after completing her mission, they are kidnapped by a group of men dressed in black. As Mai regains her consciousness, she finds herself tied up in an abandoned building. Shiori and Masumi (two other DNA Hunters) are both naked and tied up. Mai is interrogated by her captors and forced to watch the other two Hunters pleasure the captors when she refuses to cooperate! Eventually escaping from her mysterious captors, Mai learns about the shocking Avalon Project and the fact that her fiancÚ might still be alive! Mai tries to access the main computer at work to find out. Interrupted by Kathleen, she finds that the web of deception is more complex than she ever believed! Shocked, she arranges for another meeting with Sasaki, where she is once again captured by the mysterious men and subjected to a torrid gangbang! Will Mai find her way out of the web of intrigue surrounding her fiancÚ? Will she be able to escape her captors again?