The Boundary Between Dream And Reality 1
Chenwu, grandson of the karate master with Shitsujitsugoken committee, Grandfather Wu, is finding his way of his sword. One day, while Mia Suzumori was chasing after her car, she was about to be hit by a truck when Chenwu saved her only to be hit by the truck himself. Chenwu was unconscious from the shock of the accident, and during this time, a different part of him from the fairy world, Awudalupe the protecting fairy, switched bodies and awoke in Chenwu's body. They fairy communtiy was facing a tense situation. As the dimensional border powers weakened, a group of monsters called "Nightmares" breached through the gate. Also, "Daiya Wolves" with their sharp nails had made their way through. Muna, a leader of the Beast Clan, was attacked and was about to be attacked by the wolfs. Her friend, Awudalupe, saved Muna and fought off these wolves....