The Boundary Between Dream And Reality 4
Hitomi, Sonya, Mia were abducted by Dragoness Kharma. Chenwu,known as Awudalupe,rushes to save the 3 gals. But it was the evil demon born from Esumerone's jealousy of Awudalupe protecting all fairies. After knowing the truth,Chenwu approaches Esumerone but knocked down by the Dragon League. Then a beam ran through his sexual parts. It turns out,the light which saved Chenwu several times came from Lain. When Awudalupe was being reincarnated,the soul split into 2 & with Chenwu,Lian was born. That's the meaning behind Greed's phrase "You're not Awudalupe" They're only Awudalupe when both bodies join. Now Awudalupe has the power of truth,he avoids the flames of Dragon League,grabs Esumerone and makes intense love. As Esumerone discovers the feeling of love,she was able to separate her spirit from the Dragon League & evil dream world.